Michelle Zink (mzink) wrote,
Michelle Zink

I'm Baaaaaack!

Hello, Blogworld! I'm back!

Well, I never officially left, of course. I've just been concentrating on raising my four children, writing, and connecting with readers through Myspace, Facebook, and yes, even Goodreads.

But... but! I've decided to start cross-posting some of my blogs. It'll be a bit of an experiment because, to be very honest, I haven't been entirely certain that there's room in the Blogosphere for yet another author/writing/reading blog. And that was always my concern. I love connecting with readers, writers, booksellers, educators and teens. It just feels redundant sometimes, all these posts about books and the writing process. There are so many people doing it so much better than me, and I want to be sure I have something valuable to add.

Plus, my attention span is so small as to be invisible to the naked eye.

But I digress.

I've developed a schedule of sorts that I hope will keep me blogging more consistently than I have in the past. I'll let you guys be the judge of whether or not it's working. Heh. I can tell you that my teenage son and daughter will be blogging here on Tuesdays for Teen Tuesday. They'll blog about anything and everything they feel is applicable to the life of today's teenager - music, books, Youtube, movies, art, friends, school, love, life. And there's a reason I'm pulling my teens a little further into the promotional fold. Keep reading!

In an effort to get reacquainted, here's the latest news;

  • Prophecy of the Sisters has a release date of August 1. That means it will start shipping in July and you should start seeing it on the shelves 2-4 weeks before the official release. I will be stalking the shelves sometimes in May. Jk.
  • To date, rights have been sold in seven countries besides the US and Canada - the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Brasil, Spain, and Russia. I currently can't even fathom this.
  • Books two and three in the series are slated for release August 1st 2010 and 2011 respectively. Book Two is titled The Guardian and the Gate. The title for book three is still under consideration.
  • The Prophecy audiobook is being recorded with actress, Eliza Dushku, narrating. I am ridiculously excited about this because I <3> her voice.
  • I completed an awesome six-city pre-pub tour in February and give props to my publicist, Rachel, who chose six impeccable restaurants and put together an impressive guest list in each and every city.
  • Little Brown Books for Young Readers launched the Prophecy teaser site in February. This teaser site will morph into something more comprehensive sometime in July.
  • My cover was recently approved for public consumption. Again, the brilliance at Little Brown Books for Young Readers wows. C'mon! How bad ass is that cover?

  • I will be signing at BEA on May 31st, so if you happen to be there, stop by and say hello!
  • I just received a box with 20 ARCs. This was an unexpected surprise, and I will be developing some contests and give-aways to dispense with them in the very near future.
  • Most of you probably don't know this, but my son is a gifted musician and composer with a soft spot for movie scores. He's been scoring Prophecy as if it's a film, and the results are just... unbelievable. Now I know I'm his mom. But seriously. This material is awe-inspiring coming from a sixteen-year-old. We're working with the marketing team at Little Brown to see about incorporating his score into the website and, possibly, even some of my tour dates in September. In addition, my fifteen-year-old daughter is a talented artist and is working to develop Prophecy-related fanart. I'm not gonna lie. It's unspeakably cool to have my family involved in something that means so much to me. I look forward to sharing their thoughts, inspiration, and insight with you on Tuesdays!
I think that about catches us up! I'm looking forward to getting reaquainted with you all. Please stop by and keep me on the ball, will ya?

Happy reading and writing!
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